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shr▓ines, and pictures, were sent to assis●t them, and a pension promised to e●very Catholic family who would reside th●ere, thus to exterminate utter●ly

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all trace of heresy and its abomina●tions. The men thus employed, ignorant ▓and bigoted, exulted in the ●task assigned them, and only lamen

ted that● no human blood had been shed to render their h▓olocausts to their patron saints▓ more efficacious still.The return of Ash●er excited som

e surprise, but believi▓ng he would depart ere the allotted perio▓d had expired, they took little he●ed of his movements.The work con●tinued,


crosses were affixed to every side●, images decked the interior, and all● promised fair completion, wh●en one night a wild cry of fire resounded, and▓ hurrying to the spot, they beheld t▓heir work in flames.It was ▓an awful

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y. “Come on!” he cried, ●waving his arms triumphantly above his head.“▓Com

e on, and wreak your venge●ance on these aged limbs; ’tis ▓I have done this! Better flames should hurl i▓t to the dust, than the temple of Go●d be profaned by the abominat●ions He ab

hors.Come on, I glory in the dee●d!” He spoke, and fell pierced ●with a hundred wounds.A smile of pecul●iar beauty lighted up his

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features.▓ “Blessed be the God of Israe●l, the sole One, the Holy One! 癖 he cried, and his spirit fled rejoicing to t●he God he served.

Slowly and painfully di●d Imri’s little family pursue their way.The▓y chose the most secluded paths, but even t▓here traces of misery and death awaited ●them, and th

ey shrank from suffering they c▓ould not alleviate.There might be s●een a group dragging alo